A new riding lawnmower and rediscovering an old friend

Last week I was talking to my neighbor and mentioned that I was considering buying a riding lawnmower, partly to mow the yard but partly to pull our utility trailer up and down the hill from the backyard for moving stuff up and down. He said, “Oh, well you can have my old one if you want. There’s a problem with the cutting deck you can maybe fix, but if nothing else it drives around just fine.” Amazing! That was perfect. I immediately bought a tow ball for it, and found that it does a great job of pulling the trailer.

The new mower with trailer attached

It would be nice if it could mow properly too, though, so I started calling around to see if anyone carries used mower parts. There’s a company called Pro Green that deal in that type of thing, so I gave them a call and he said he’d check. While I waited, I perused their website, and was surprised to see a familiar face. They had a blog post about having a customer’s 2002 Kawasaki Prairie 650 ATV in for repair, and included a picture. The picture looked familiar — it was one I took myself, in my own backyard.

My old Kawasaki Prairie 650 ATV

My old ATV, rediscovered

It’s my old ATV! And it’s funny — and flattering, I suppose — that they apparently liked my picture of it so much that it has been handed down from owner to owner along with the ATV, and whoever owns it now chose that picture to provide to Pro Green when they asked if they could feature it on their website.

I hope they have the lawnmower deck I need, so I have an excuse to come in cytotec online canada. I wonder if they’d let visit it and see how it’s doing. I miss that thing.