Not the most auspicious beginnings

For years I’ve watched Apple stock climb and climb from the $200s up to the $600s where it is now. I’ve always meant to buy some stock but the high share price kept putting me off. Finally a few days ago, after a particularly eager climb up to the 630s, I said OK, and sold some of the underwhelming mutual funds in my retirement account, and bought myself two little shares. Being a novice, I skipped the options like “wait until it dips to X price before buying” (How do I decide what price to wait for? What if it never gets down there and my money sits uselessly for weeks?) and just told it to buy them for whatever the market value at the time was. By the time the stocks were purchased, I ended up paying about $650/share.

The next morning, I checked the value, excited to see where it sat. Turns out, it immediately plunged down to $640, and then further on down to $610 over the next few days. My $1300 investment of just a few days ago is currently worth around $1220. Woo! Stocks! I’m not good at this. 🙂


I know, though, that it’s all in the game, and these little fluctuations are normal, and what’s important is the long-term trend. I’m sure it’ll come back up eventually. But if I could have scripted my first foray into a stock purchase, I would have at least started with some kind of exciting little increase to give you that “Yay I just made ten dollars!” moment, before the inevitable dive bomb. That’s just poor plot development.



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