9 thoughts on “I finally get to start using the word ‘betrothed’

  1. Daniel,
    I am so happy for you and your new family. I wish you all the best in life. What a sweet and beautiful story.

  2. AWESOME!!! Congratulations my friend. Knowing you it doesn’t surprise me that you would come up with an elaborate scheme to propose to Naomi. You compliment each other and I can see that she makes you a very happy man. Communication and respect are keys in a long, happy and fulfilling relationship. I know, I’m going on 29 years of marriage. What a brave woman, I think that she just ignores me, but I can tell you that every day I love my wife even more. I wish to both of you eternal happiness!

  3. Daniel, Congrats on your engagement to Naomi. We have not had the chance to meet, but I am Marina’s cousin…our mom’s are sisters. I just really wanted to say that it is so go to know that you have the same gift your mother had….the gift of putting words on paper and holding the readers attention. I so enjoyed reading her family letters at the New Year and posts on Facebook! Likewise, I enjoyed reading your post here. Once again, Best Wishes for a lifetime of friendship and love with Naomi!

  4. The story was beautiful! Congrats to you, Naomi and Gavin. May you have a wonderful life together!!!

  5. Congratulations!!!
    Naomi, welcome to the family, but well… you are already part of the family.

  6. Dan – so very happy for you, Naomi and Gavin 🙂 Wishing you all the best and hope some day we can visit you in New Puerto Rico! Love, Liz, Mark & Zoe

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