Anything that happened before Gavin was born in 2003 is all sort of mixed up in his head. I put on Knight Rider and he watched a minute or so of The Hoff beating up bad guys, and said, “I don’t like this, it’s too 40s.”

Naomi: “Hey Gavin, do you want a Jack-in-the-Box for Christmas?”

Gavin: “Aw man, I hate Jacks-in-the-Box!”

Way to go with the proper pluralization!

Oh man, I just realized we’re staying just a few minutes away from Fermilab. Gonna see if I can go take a tour with Gavin on Friday.

At the Senryu/Katie & The Bass Drums show last night, I met a nice man who had an original release of our first album, Stars & Garters, that he wanted us all to sign. I’d never seen a real silver pressing of that album — all we have left of it nowadays is CDR’s. It was cool to see what the original artwork looked like.